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Sponsor a foster kid to attend RFKC La Casa de Cristo Church

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Royal Family Kids Camp is a week-long summer camp sponsored by La Casa de Cristo Church for kids who are or have been in the foster care system.

Every $500 raised will sponsor one foster child/volunteer to attend camp in 2023!

If you live in Arizona, your donation will be a 100% tax credit and will reduce, dollar-for-dollar, the amount of taxes you will owe on your Arizona state income tax return. In 2023, a single taxpayer can give any amount up to $526 and married couples can give any amount up to $1,051 and receive the tax credit. Your donation does not limit your ability to give under other Arizona tax credits, such as the private and public school tax credits. You can give and benefit under all three tax credits!

Arizona 2023 Dates
June 4-9 (La Casa de Cristo Church)

Royal Family Kids’ Camp (RFKC) is an unforgettable week of summer camp for children, 7 to 11 years of age, who live the rest of the year in group homes or foster homes. The children create powerful and positive memories to keep them “going and growing” until they return the next summer for another great week at camp. At RFKC, these special kids find the real warmth and love of family. There is no need to fear adults here. A trusted camp cousin has charge of just two campers and each camper also has a “surrogate” grandma and grandpa as well as a large support staff of aunts and uncles. Our ratio of staff-to-campers is high to ensure success and safety.

During the week we throw a birthday bash - a time of cake, games, and presents - to celebrate each and every child’s special day. At camp, they are constantly affirmed through compassionate care and love.


Kyle Treude - Camp Director RFKC La Casa de Cristo Church